Tuesday, November 17, 2015

It's time to get gifty!

I don't want to alarm anyone, but Christmas is closer than we think. It's time for me to make some lists (for the naughty and the nice) and clear out the hiding spot at the back of my closet*.

We are all very comfortable and want for very little, but I still want to give some awesome, thoughtful gifts. This year, I'm going to give fewer "things", focusing more on fun experiences and tasty consumables. As always, I hope to keep things as local and handmade as possible.

One of the people on my list is a cookbook hound, but will have little time to cook or bake in the first few months of the new year. For her, a copy of Winnipeg Cooks and a freshly-baked coffee cake (page 149) on a vintage plate**.

There's someone on my list who I don't get together with as often as I would like. This year, I am giving her the gift of ME. (Or, maybe I am giving myself the gift of her...) I haven't quite sorted out the details yet, but her gift will either be tickets for us to take in a movie or show, or, to make it a truly creative gift, passes to Paint Nite.

I have been promising my bestie a piece of custom art for as long as I can remember. At the risk of giving things away, this might be the year that she gets one of my fancy lady collages! And speaking of custom art, I am hoping to commission a local cartoonist to create a piece for a very special dog lover on my list. While he's doing that, I am going to pull out the cookie cutters and whip up a batch of healthy, homemade treats for her two pups.

Since my step-nephews are not old enough to read this, I think it's safe to divulge that they will be getting handmade sock monkeys. I'm also going to throw in a couple babysitting coupons for the boys, so that I can spend a little time with them***.

And, if there's anyone who I have forgotten, or I need a quick something for a hostess, I always have granola bars and gourmet granola on hand****.

Happy, happy holidays!

,*It's totally not in my closet, Jacob. You think I'd make it that easy for you?

**Last year, I picked up a set of lovely vintage dishes for next to nothing at the thrift store. Now, whenever I have to gift a couple dozen cookies or a batch of homemade crack, I can use something a little prettier than a paper plate. And, no, I don't expect it back.

***I mean, so that their parents can have a night out on the town,

****Shameless self-promotion.

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